A legend on Hahoe Masks and Bachelor Huh

   A young man called Huh doryong lived in Hahoe village in the middle of the Korea dynasty. He had a revelation in his dream. It was the guardian deity of his village. The following morning he devoted himself to making masks. He performed his ablutions and spread forbidden strings to prohibit strangers from entering his house.

   At those days, a young girl, who was ardently in love with Huh doryong but could not meet him at that period, desired to know what he was doing. Thus, she peeped through a hole she had made into Huh doryong's window-paper. Her actions violated the divine rule of Huh doryong. Huh doryong spewed out blood and died instantly. Thus, he could not finish making the chin of the Imae Mask, his last work. Until now. the ImaeMask, without a chin, has been handed down through generations.

   The people of the village built an altar near the shrine of a local god. Sacrifices were made every year for the sake of comforting Huh doryong's spirit. No trace, however, of the altar has been found.